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Forex trading details

Foreign exchange orders include contract details and trading conditions.         

Margin -The amount required to open a trade.
Spread -The difference between the buying price and selling price of a currency pair.
Overnight interest rate/swap - the interest rate representing the cost or reward of holding open positions overnight.

Pip value       

The point value refers to the fourth digit after the decimal point of the currency pair exchange rate. This value does not apply to the yen and the Hungarian forint currency pair (the point value is the second digit after the decimal point).

Major currency pairs, minor currency pairs and rare currency pairs

The main currency refers to the main trading currency pairs on the foreign exchange market. According to market practice, the main currency is usually quoted against the US dollar, and in these quotes, the US dollar is the base currency.

Forex trading details

A secondary currency pair refers to a currency pair that trades less or a secondary currency pair, usually with poor liquidity, but there are still a large number of transactions in the financial market. The secondary currency pair also includes cross trading, which refers to a currency pair that does not use the US dollar as the base currency and is composed of major trading currencies.

Rare currency pairs are currency pairs that are not widely traded, or currencies that originate in emerging markets. Rare currencies still provide traders with trading opportunities, but spreads are often large, so they are less attractive to single-day high-frequency traders. Rare currency overnight interest rate spreads may be large, often attracting transactions based on high-yield overnight interest rates.

Calculate profit and loss

MetaTrader will calculate and display the profit or loss of each pair of open and closed currency transactions in the account. The table below shows you how to calculate your profit and loss. Even if you don't have a computer, you can predict the profit and loss of the transaction through the form on this page.

Buy 1 standard lot of EUR/USD at 1.4723
Buy (+) 100,000 Euros, sell (-) 147,230 USD
Sell 1 lot of EURUSD, sell at 1.4796
Sell 1 standard lot of EUR/USD at 1.4796 Sell (-) 100,000 EUR, (+) 147,960 USD
Buy (+) 100,000 Euros Sell (-) 147,230 USD
Sell (-) 100,000 Euros Buy (+) 147,960 USD = + 730 USD
In this case, the trading profit is $730. The unit of this calculation can also be a point value.

1 standard lot EUR/USD pip value = 10 USD
Bid price 1.4723
Asking price 1.4796
Profit is 73 points, and each point is worth $10
= Earn $730

Standard lot size & pip value

symbol Number of standard lots Pip value
Major currencies
EUR/USD 100,000 EUR 10 USD
GBP/USD 100,000 GBP 10 USD
USD/JPY 100,000 USD 1'000 JPY
USD/CHF 100,000 USD 10 CHF
USD/CAD 100,000 USD 10 CAD
AUD/USD 100,000 AUD 10 USD
NZD/USD 100,000 NZD 10 USD
EUR/CHF 100,000 EUR 10 CHF
EUR/GBP 100,000 EUR 10 GBP
EUR/JPY 100,000 EUR 1'000 JPY
symbol Number of standard lots Pip value
Secondary currency
AUD/CAD 100,000 AUD 10 CAD
AUD/CHF 100,000 AUD 10 CHF
AUD/JPY 100,000 AUD 1'000 JPY
CAD/CHF 100,000 CAD 10 CHF
CAD/JPY 100,000 CAD 1'000 JPY
CHF/JPY 100,000 CHF 1'000 JPY
EUR/AUD 100,000 EUR 10 AUD
EUR/CAD 100,000 EUR 10 CAD
GBP/AUD 100,000 GBP 10 AUD
GBP/CAD 100,000 GBP 10 CAD
GBP/CHF 100,000 GBP 10 CHF
GBP/JPY 100,000 GBP 1'000 JPY
NZD/CAD 100,000 NZD 10 CAD
NZD/CHF 100,000 NZD 10 CHF
NZD/JPY 100,000 NZD 1'000 JPY
SGD/JPY 100,000 SGD 1'000 JPY
USD/SGD 100,000 USD 10 SGD
symbol Number of standard lots Pip value
Rare currency
AUD/NZD 100,000 AUD 10 NZD
EUR/HUF 100,000 EUR 1000 HUF
EUR/NOK 100,000 EUR 10 NOK
EUR/NZD 100,000 EUR 10 NZD
EUR/PLN 100,000 USD 10 PLN
EUR/SEK 100,000 EUR 10 SEK
EUR/SGD 100,000 EUR 10 SGD
EUR/TRY 100,000 EUR 10 TRY
GBP/NZD 100,000 GBP 10 NZD
TRY/JPY 100,000 TRY 1'000 JPY
USD/BRL 100,000 USD 10 BRL
USD/CNH 100.000 USD 10 CNH
USD/HUF 100,000 USD 1000 HUF
USD/MXN 100,000 USD 10 MXN
USD/NOK 100,000 USD 10 NOK
USD/PLN 100,000 USD 10 PLN
USD/RUB 100,000 USD 10 RUB
USD/SEK 100,000 USD 10 SEK
USD/TRY 100,000 USD 10 TRY
USD/ZAR 100,000 USD 10 ZAR




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