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MT5 platform

MetaTrader 5 is the latest version of the MetaTrader foreign exchange platform. We provide CFDs on Euronext, London Exchange, German and Italian exchanges. You can also trade other contracts that we provide in MetaTrader 4. The MT5 foreign exchange platform has more than 500 contracts. With MT5, you can reverse positions to offset positions. If you open multiple positions in the same contract, you can apply a clear "first in first out" principle to the net value of open positions.



  • Place orders through professional order execution or "one-click trading" function
  • Unlimited charts, real-time quotes
  • Long and short market orders and pending orders
  • Economic news headlines
  • Economic news headlines
  • Mini lot and mini lot trading
  • Comprehensive transaction report
  • Historical data center and strategy backtesting
  • Price alert and trailing stop
  • Provide mobile transactions
  • Multilingual platform-21 languages to choose from

New features of MT5

  1. Launched 21 time periods including 2 minute charts and 3 hour charts, and 70 technical indicators. Among them, the Fibonacci channel is a newly added analysis tool, and ZIGZAG, which is used to display large bands, uses different colors to indicate rising and falling markets. It is worth noting that the historical data center has been cancelled.
  2. Gospel for C++ enthusiasts, programming is more convenient and faster.
  3. The EA test function is more powerful. EA refers to Experts Advisor, which means Expert Advisor. MT5 can perform EA testing on several currency pairs at the same time.
  4. There are 5 order types and 4 execution modes, so that different order strategies can be implemented.
  5. Added options, MT5 platform can provide foreign exchange, stocks, CFD, options, index products, but the public beta version has not yet provided products other than foreign exchange.

MT5 platform interface


The title bar of the foreign exchange platform is located at the top of the window, which displays the relevant information of the software, account information, and "minimize", "maximize" and "close" buttons.


Menu Bar

The menu bar of the Forex platform is located below the title bar. The corresponding function of the MT5 software can be opened through the corresponding command in the menu bar.



The toolbar of the foreign exchange platform is located below the menu bar, as shown below:


Move the mouse to the left side of the corresponding toolbar, and hold down the left mouse button and drag to other positions, the toolbar will be displayed as a sub-toolbar, as shown below:


Market quote panel

The trading symbols are displayed in the "Market Quote" panel, including EURUSD, USDUSD, etc., in the "Trade Symbols" tab. In the "Quote" tab, real-time information of the selected currency pair will be displayed.


Data window

The data window of the foreign exchange platform is the main area used by the software to display the price and trend of each currency pair, and is the most important part. By default, the software displays the market trend charts of 4 currency pairs. Double-click on the title bar of the corresponding currency pair trend chart to enlarge the window.


Navigation panel

In the "Navigation" panel, you can clearly see the account status and the screen for adding multiple technical indicators. There are many commonly used technical indicators that can be added here, as shown below:


Toolbox panel

The "Toolbox" panel of the foreign exchange platform contains "transaction", "display", "history", "news", "mailbox", "economic calendar", "company", "market", "warning", " There are 12 tabs of "Code Base", "Expert" and "Log". By default, the market tab is displayed, which displays market information. As shown below:


MT5 basic operation

Property setting

In order to display the window better, the display window can be set accordingly to change its display properties. The operation steps are as follows.

    1. Select the "Chart" | "Properties" command in the menu bar.
    2. The "Properties EURUSD, H1" dialog box pops up, click the lower triangle button to the right of "Color" | "Scheme", and select the corresponding option in the pop-up drop-down list box.
    3. To display the preview effect of property setting, click the "OK" button to complete property setting.


Hide grid

In order to keep the picture clean, the grid can be hidden to show the market trend more clearly. Select the "Chart" | "Grid" command to hide the grid. To display the grid, select the "Chart" | "Grid" command again.


Choose the type of transaction

Click the "Create New Chart" button in the "Standard" toolbar and select the corresponding currency pair in the pop-up list. Here, select AUDUSD to display the market trend of the currency pair in the data window, as shown below:


Apply the corresponding indicators

Many technical indicators are used in foreign exchange investment analysis. In this software, you can insert the corresponding technical indicators for the market trend chart to better analyze the trend.
1. Select the "Insert" | "Indicator" | "Go" | Moving Average command, as shown in the figure:


2. The Moving Average dialog box pops up, set its stage, style and other parameters, as shown in the figure:

Moving Average

3. Click the "OK" button to apply the selected technical analysis, as shown in the figure:

Moving Average2

Draw trend lines

Click the "Draw Trend Line" button in the "Linear Research" toolbar, connect the two adjacent high points in the trend chart, and draw a straight line, which is the trend line, as shown below:


MT5 trading operations

new order

1. Click the "New Order" button in the "Standard" toolbar新訂單按鈕.
2. The "Order" dialog box pops up, where you can set the parameters of the purchased transaction type and lot, as shown below:


3. After confirming that it is correct, click the "Buy at market price" button. After a while, the new order is successful. Click the "OK" button to complete the operation. As shown below:

Set Stop Loss and Win

In order to better control the risk and retain the profits that have been obtained, it is very important to set up stop-loss and stop-win in investment transactions. The operation method is introduced below.
1. In the "Toolbox" panel, switch to the "Trading" tab, select the order that needs to set the stop loss and stop winning, press the right button to pop up the list, and select the "modify or delete" option.
2. The corresponding order dialog box pops up, set the corresponding stop price and stop price, and click the modify corresponding order button below, as shown below:
3. Wait for a moment, it shows that the setting of stop loss and stop winning is successful, click the "OK" button to complete the operation.


Pending orders

Pending order is to place an order in advance. It is not bought at the current price, but is set at a specified price, and then automatically placed at the specified price according to the price fluctuations. 1. Click the "New Order" button in the "Standard" toolbar to pop up the "Order" dialog box, click the drop-down button to the right of "Type", and select the "Pending Order" option in the pop-up drop-down list box.
2. After setting the corresponding buying lot and price, click the "Place Order" button, as shown below:
3. Wait a moment, the order is displayed successfully, click the "OK" button to complete the operation.


Close out

Right-click the open trade in the "Toolbox" panel and select the "Close Position" option to close the current position.




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