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MT4 platform

We provide the MetaTrader 4 foreign exchange platform for free. Even inexperienced traders can easily learn and use the MT4 foreign exchange platform. At the same time, you can customize the platform settings and functions to meet your needs. In addition, MetaTrader 4 allows professional traders to manage the accounts of multiple clients or use more complex trading algorithms.



  • Place orders through professional order execution or "one-click trading" function
  • Unlimited charts, real-time quotes
  • Long and short market orders and pending orders
  • Economic news headlines
  • Mini lot and mini lot trading
  • Comprehensive transaction report
  • Historical data center and strategy backtesting
  • Price alert and trailing stop
  • Provide mobile transactions
  • Multilingual platform-21 languages to choose from

MT4 main menu

The "File" menu is used to operate chart files, as well as to open an account and log in. It also contains printing options.
The "View" menu is used for the display control of the various components of the platform and the setting of the interface language.
"Insert" menu is mainly used for adding various technical analysis tools.
The "Chart" menu is mainly used to control various functions and properties of the chart.
The "Tools" menu is used to control new orders and control system tool and system option settings.
The "Window" menu is used to control various arrangements of chart windows.
The "Help" menu provides instructions for system help.


"Common" shortcut buttons

The "Common" shortcut buttons of the MT4 foreign exchange platform are used to control the system function bar, as well as to open various chart windows, order trading and trading systems. In order from left to right:
Create new chart: used to create a new chart window.
Chart folder: used to quickly open various chart templates.
Market quotation: open or close the quotation bar.
Data window: open or close the data bar.
Navigation: Turn the navigator on or off.
Terminal: Open or close the terminal window.
Investment strategy test: Open or close the window of investment strategy test.
New transaction order: used to open the order window.
MQ Voice Editor: Start MQ Voice Editor.
Start EA trading: open or close the EA trading system.


"Chart" shortcut button

MT4 foreign exchange platform "chart" shortcut button is used to control various display contents in the chart window, in order from left to right:
Histogram: A type of graph used to represent price fluctuations, mostly used in European and American countries.
Yin and Yang candles: A type of graph used to represent price fluctuations, mostly used in Asian countries.
Line chart: Also called the closing line, it is formed by the closing price of each time unit.
Enlargement: Enlargement of graphics.
Zoom out: Zoom out of the graphic.
Vertical arrangement window: Open the vertical arrangement window.
Auto scroll: Select whether to automatically scroll the chart when the graph data is updated.
Pan chart: Select whether to shift the chart to the left when the graphic data is updated.
Technical indicators: Add various technical indicators in the graphics window.
Time period: It has the same function as the "Time period" shortcut button, which is used to switch various time-sharing charts.
Template: used to save the set graphics window or window group as a personal template, and can quickly open and delete the template through this shortcut.


"Draw line" shortcut button

MT4 foreign exchange platform "line drawing" shortcut button is used to start various line drawing tools for graphical analysis, in order from left to right:
Cursor: Restore the mouse pointer state.
Crosshairs: used to measure the position of graphics.
Draw vertical line: draw a vertical line.
Draw horizontal line: draw a horizontal line.
Draw trend line: draw a trend line.
Draw equidistant channels: Draw equidistant channels (also known as parallel channels).
Draw Fibonacci callback line: draw the golden line.
Draw text: add text content to the graphic.
Draw text labels: add text labels to the location of the graphics tool.
Arrows: Add various arrow symbols to the graph.


"Slot" shortcut button

The MT4 foreign exchange platform "time slot" shortcut button is used to quickly switch various time-sharing charts, from left to right:
M1: Switch to 1-minute graph.
M5: Switch to the 5-minute map.
M15: Switch to the 15-minute map.
M30: Switch to the 30-minute map.
H1: Switch to 1-hour chart.
H4: Switch to 4-hour chart.
D1: Switch to daily chart.
W1: Switch to weekly chart.
MN: Switch to the monthly chart.


Trading varieties

The market quote column of the MT4 trading platform is used for real-time quotes of various currency pairs, which are mainly divided into "transaction varieties" and "real-time charts".
"Trading symbol" contains three items: "Trading symbol", which displays the name of the currency pair, such as EUR/USD (Euro/USD); "Buying price" and "Selling price", the quotation consists of "Buying price" and "Selling price" "Composed in pairs, the selling price is used as the transaction price when performing the buying operation, and the buying price is used as the transaction price when performing the selling operation, and the spread = the selling price-the buying price.
Right-click "Trade Symbol" in the quote bar, and the following command will appear:
New trading order: first select a currency pair, then right-click, use the "new trading order" option to buy and sell the selected currency.
Graph window: Open the graph window of the selected currency pair.
Instant graph: Open the instant graph window of the selected currency pair.
Hide: Cancel the display of the selected currency pair (removed from the quote list).
Hide all: Hide all quoted currency pairs (clear quote list).
Show all: Show all quoted currency pairs.
Trading symbol: Open a list containing all currency pairs, and through which currency pair quotes will be displayed in the trading symbol.
Setting: Save the set display list and open it when needed.
Highest price/lowest price: The highest price and lowest price of the day are displayed in the quotation display.
Time: Display the server time.
Automatic arrangement: choose whether to arrange the list of quotations automatically by the system.
Grid: Display the list grid.
Pop-up quotation: pop-up quotation window separately.


Instant graph

The "instant graph" in the quotation bar is used to display the real-time trend chart of intra-day trading (also known as the tick chart), which is a simple connection for each transaction price. Note that when opening the instant chart, you must first select the corresponding currency pair in "Trade Symbol".


Graphics window

The graph window refers to the graph that describes the change of the price trend. Open the graphical window, either through the menu or through the quote list.
The graphical window of the MT4 foreign exchange platform is composed of the following parts:
Abscissa: the abscissa represents time, place the mouse pointer on it, and hold down the left button to drag, you can change the horizontal display ratio.
Vertical coordinate: The vertical coordinate represents the price, which is the same as the horizontal coordinate, and the display scale can also be changed by dragging the mouse.
Labels: Graphic labels will be displayed below the window. When multiple currencies open the graphics window at the same time, they are used to distinguish the graphics windows of different currency pairs. You can also change the arrangement of multiple graphics windows through the "Window" menu.
You can perform linear selection, zoom-in, zoom-out, graphics scrolling, and panning operations on the graphics window. When the "Graph Scroll" and "Graph Pan" buttons are turned off, the graph can also be shifted by holding down the left and right direction keys. If the graphics data is not complete, it will be automatically supplemented from the server when panning.


Line drawing operation

Through the "line drawing" shortcut button, line drawing analysis can be performed on the MT4 graphics window. Using the nodes on the line, you can draw the line more accurately, change the line, or delete the line. If the line drawing node does not exist, as long as you double-click the line drawing node, the node will appear.


Technical indicators overlay

Technical index overlay can be divided into main graph technical index overlay and sub-picture technical index overlay. The main chart technical indicators are superimposed, which means that the technical indicators are displayed directly in the graphics window and are superimposed with the price chart, such as the moving average. Sub-picture technical indicators superimposed, which means that the technical indicators are displayed in the newly opened sub-picture window, such as MACD.
Technical indicators can be superimposed through MT4's "Insert" menu or "Graph" shortcut button. To modify the parameters of the technical indicator, you can right-click on the indicator, select the indicator properties, and then modify it through the pop-up dialog box; you can also right-click in the graphics window and select the "technical indicator" option in the pop-up menu to open the corresponding dialog Box, select the corresponding indicator and click the "Edit" button. Deleting technical indicators is similar to modifying technical index parameters, just click the "Delete" button that appears.



The navigator displays the login account status, various technical indicators, custom technical indicators and custom intelligent trading system selection and use.
The navigator includes two parts: "General" and "Favorites". By clicking the "+" sign in front of the name, you can expand or hide the content included in the respective items.
The "General" part of MetaTrader 4 mainly includes:
Account: Save and display account information, and can perform "login" and "delete" operations through the right-click menu. This section can contain multiple accounts at the same time, whether it is a demo account or a real account. The demo account and the real account differ only in the icon display. Important accounts can be added to "Favorites" through the right-click menu option.
Technical indicators: The technical indicators here are the same as the technical indicators in the shortcut buttons or menus, and all belong to the platform's own indicators, which can be used through the right-click menu.
EA trading: This project contains a custom intelligent trading system, through the right-click menu can be added, modified and newly created operations.
Script: Used for the use, modification and creation of script programs. For general users, it is usually not used.

The "Favorites" section is mainly used to place user-specific content.


Terminal window

The terminal window of the MetaTrader4 foreign exchange platform is mainly used for monitoring the trading process, and its functional contents mainly include:
Trading: Used for real-time monitoring of open positions, including displaying the current account funds. Through its right-click menu, you can open positions, close positions, modify trading orders (set changes to stop loss, profit, pending order transaction price position, etc.), cancel trading orders, set trailing stops, etc.
Account history: used for querying all transaction history records.
Alarms: Used to set alarms for price location, etc. For example, when the price of EUR/USD is lower than 1.1500, the system will sound or pop up a dialog box to warn the user.
Mailbox: used to receive and send mail.
Log: It is used to record the details of all operation processes of the platform, and can be queried and checked when needed.


Trading dialog

The trading dialog box refers to the dialog window for sending trading orders on the MT4 foreign exchange platform, mainly including the following:
Trading varieties: defines the currency pairs that can be traded. Before issuing an instruction, you need to carefully check the transaction objects.
Trading volume: used to set the trading volume.
Stop loss: used to set the stop price. For buying operations, the stop loss price should be lower than the buying price; for selling operations, the stop loss price should be higher than the selling price.
Monetization: Used to set the expected profit price position.
Note: Can be ignored.
Type: includes two types, market execution and pending order transactions. "Market execution" refers to the current quotation prevailing, immediately opening a position, the focus of the operation is to immediately trade, regardless of the price. "Pending order transaction" is also called "limit price transaction", which refers to buying and selling at the price requested by the trader, but this price is not the current price position, but a price gap from the current price position, the focus of the operation is the transaction price .
Market price execution: After setting the previous options, it will start to issue operation instructions to the server. The "Market Execution" module includes digital quotations. The number in front of the slash is the selling price, corresponding to the red button; the number behind the slash is the buying price, corresponding to the blue button. Before operation, please make sure whether to buy or sell, and then click the corresponding button.


Modify transaction order

Right-click the open trade in the terminal window and select "Modify or delete trade order". The "Modify trade order" window will pop up. If the modified object belongs to a completed operation, it can only be modified, but cannot be deleted; if the operated object belongs to an unfilled pending order transaction, it can be deleted.


Pending transaction

Pending orders have four forms in MetaTrader4:
Buy Limit: Limit purchase. That is to buy pending orders below the current price.
Sell Limit: sell at a limit price. That is, the pending order is sold above the current price.
Buy Stop: Break through the buy. That is, when the price breaks through a certain price position (technical resistance), a pending order is bought.
Sell Stop: break through to sell. That is, when the price falls below a certain price position (technical support), a pending order is sold.


Close out

Right-click the open trade in the terminal window and select the "Close Position" option to close the current position.




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